Issues with loading soulsplit
You need to have java installed to get soulsplit working. To run our downloadable client simply click "run" after downloading. it. If that doesn't work right click it and select open with and select Java Platform

You can download the downloadable client by clicking here.

If you still have problems afterwards you can send one of our administrators a message on our community forum. You can go to the community forum by clicking here.
#1 - How do I register?
You can register at /register/
If you forget your username or password it is not easy to get them back so save them in a safe place! If you do happen to lose your account username or password simply check the email you signed up with for the registration email. This one contains a password reset link for your account. You can also try to submit recovery questions.
#2 - Regarding payment issues
We highly appreciate your attempt to make a payment towards the server. If your payment method is not available then we can not assist you with your payment at this moment. Please be patient, we will get more payment options in the future.

If you had an issue regarding one of your payments towards please visit the following page: /account/account_order_reclaim/
#3 - Regarding staff positions
In you can not participate as a staff member by contacting the founder. It is not for sale either. In order to make a helper application you have to post here:
Helper Applications
If you are accepted as a helper you will be introduced to the team. You will get to know the staff (Including me) and you will be tested on your actions. You can work your way up to higher staff positions but you have to start off as a helper.
#4 - Regarding account problems oes not refund items for any action if your account was reset as a result of an infraction for cheating on our game then there is nothing we can do.
If this is not the case you can try the following:
What you can do is trying to explain the issue a liquestione bit better to have us identify the problem in a private message on the forums to Pim.

- Were all your stats reset
- When did you last log in before this happened
- What items were reset and were there any items left in your bank? If yes, which items were they?
#5 - Regarding Infractions
We as the staff team can not further assist you with your account being disabled. To fight an infraction you will have to open up an appeal against this. If this appeal gets accepted we will lift your infraction automatically. If this appeal was declined there is nothing we can assist you with and the infraction will (unfortunately) remain. To open up an appeal please visit your Infraction center:
Click here

You can log in with your sername and password that you have signed up with.
#6 - Regarding account recovery
If you forgot your password or if your password has been stolen you can submit a new password here or look for the registration email with the password recovery link in the mailbox from the email you used for registration.
#7 - Reporting a player
Please post a thread in the following board to report a player or a staff member:
Report A Player/Staff member
Try to explain the situation properly and most importantly , be honest. Also note that we do not offer refunds. We only offer punishment for the player who scammed you if your report gets accepted.
#8 - Game mode switching
There is currently no way to switch your game mode. Please do not ask the staff to provide you a game mode switch since it's not yet possible..
After purchasing 500M from our shop there will go money to your vault. To enter your vault please open up your bank and right click the button that has a sack of money with a "$" sign on it. You can simply count or withdraw your money from there.

For more info read this thread.
Other questions
If you have any other questions please ask help on our community forum.


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